Woman gets five-day detention after denouncing Tesla brake failure

According to the latest news, the female owner who denounced Tesla brake failure at the Shanghai Auto Show was sentenced to five days of administrative detention.

On April 20 Beijing time, the Shanghai police released information about the incident involving the female Tesla owner.

The public security bureau of Shanghai's Qingpu district said on April 19, 2021, at 11:24 am BST, it received a report that someone in a booth at the Shanghai Auto Show made trouble. The police immediately rushed to the scene to settle.

After investigation, a 32-year-old woman surnamed Zhang and a 31-year-old woman had a consumer dispute with Tesla and went to the auto show site to express their dissatisfaction. The two women triggered chaos in the booth area through wanton noise, etc.

The woman surnamed Zhang ignoring Tesla staff, forcibly climbed on the roof of a car, causing a certain degree of damages to the vehicle.

At present, the woman surnamed Zhang was sentenced to five days of administrative detention for disturbing public order, and another woman was sentenced to an administrative warning for the same reason.

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