VW China, Huawei in talks to form an autonomous driving JV

Asian Tech Press (Jan 11) -- In response to rumors that Huawei and Volkswagen will form a joint venture on autonomous driving, Volkswagen China CEO Stefan Wöllenstein said today that VW and Huawei are indeed in discussions. Still, there is no confirmable news at this stage.

As early as October 2021, news broke that Huawei planned to form a joint venture with global automotive giant Volkswagen Group to develop self-driving technology. One of the ways discussed was that VW Group would fund the joint venture and become the controlling party, with Huawei mainly providing technology IP (i.e., intellectual property). The technology IP provided by Huawei includes not only software technologies such as autonomous driving, but also Huawei's chip-based IP.

Huawei and the Audi brand of the Volkswagen Group signed a memorandum of understanding on strategic cooperation in Berlin in July 2018 to develop smart connected cars jointly. The comprehensive strategic cooperation between Audi and Huawei also goes a step further by cooperating in the field of autonomous driving.

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