TSMC to set up a line for Intel to produce 3nm chips

Asian Tech Press (Jan 14) -- According to Digitimes, TSMC plans to produce 3nm chips for Intel at its new production site in northern Taiwan, China. The production site is located in Hsinchu's Baoshan District (P8/ P9).

The source said that Intel wants TSMC to use the 3nm manufacturing process to produce CPU and GPU components for it. These factories will produce 20,000 wafers per month in the first round of production and 40,000 wafers in the second round.

The latest figures show that TSMC expects sales of $16.6 billion to $17.2 billion in the first quarter of this year. TSMC's CEO noted that TSMC will see growth this year, with long-term gross margins expected to be at 53% or higher.

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