TSMC says 2nm process expected to be in mass production in 2025

Asian Tech Press (Oct 14) -- TSMC President and CEO C.C. Wei revealed for the first time on Thursday that the company's 2-nanometer process will be in mass production in 2025.

As reported by Taiwan's Central News Agency (CNA) on Thursday, at TSMC's online earnings briefing held this afternoon, Wei revealed that the 2nm process will use the GAA architecture and is expected to be in mass production by 2025.

This is the first time Taiwan-based TSMC, the world's largest contract chipmaker and a key supplier to Apple Inc, has revealed the timing of the 2nm process technology, the report said.

CNA points out that in the face of recent competitor news, Wei is reluctant to comment on competitors' technology blueprints. However, he stressed that by 2025, TSMC's 2nm process technology will be the most competitive in terms of density and performance.

In addition, at the conference, for the 3nm process technology, Wei said that the development of 3nm process in line with the progress, and it will be in trial production this year, with mass production in the second half of next year.

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