Top 20 Asian Tech Companies Overall Ranking 2021

Asian Tech Press (Jan 05) -- The Covid-19 epidemic has undoubtedly accelerated the prevalence of technology in our daily lives. From 5G to data centers, new investment opportunities are emerging in new digital infrastructures. The growth of online shopping, from food to fashion to entertainment, is growing as more customers prefer to purchase online.

In addition, semiconductor equipment manufacturers are among the biggest winners in the Asian stock market in 2021 amid strong demand from high-tech manufacturing and global chip shortages. As of Dec. 28, TSMC's market cap soared to $625.85 billion, making it the highest market cap technology company in Asia. South Korea's Samsung Electronics followed with a market cap of $455.63 billion.

Asian Tech Press has compiled a comprehensive index of Asian technology companies by market capitalization, change in market capitalization, and strategic importance of technology. The market capitalization data was obtained from, while the valuation data came from The Hurun Global 500 List for 2021.

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