Tesla to boost parts production at Shanghai plant for export needs

Asian Tech Press (Feb 23) -- Tesla Inc plans to boost parts production at its Shanghai plant to meet export demand, said a document it filed with the city government.

The Shanghai municipal government on Tuesday publicized an environmental assessment report submitted by the U.S. electric vehicle (EV) maker on the adjustment of parts production at the Giga Shanghai plant.

The EV maker said in the report that the project is mainly to enhance parts production at the plant to meet its export needs.

As the document notes, Tesla plans to increase parts production by adding production workshops, increasing the number of workers and improving equipment uptime.

According to the statistics, Tesla's Shanghai gigafactory exported 40,499 units in January this year, and exported more than 160,000 electric vehicles in last year.

At the end of July last year, Tesla revealed that the company had completed the transition of its Gigafactory Shanghai as a primary vehicle export hub.

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