Tesla ready to offer the driving data to female owner protesting at Shanghai Auto Show

According to the latest news, Tesla headquarters has prepared the driving data, will make it available through the Zhengzhou-Futa Tesla Store to the female owner protesting at the Shanghai Auto Show.

For the recent incident of Tesla female owner climbing on the roof of the car to defend her rights at the Shanghai Auto Show, Ge Weihua, account manager of Tesla Motors Sales & Service (Zhengzhou) Co., Ltd. responded that Tesla headquarters has prepared the relevant data, which will be sent back to Zhengzhou-Futa Tesla Store by 6 p.m. Beijing time Thursday, April 22, and then submitted to Ms. Zhang by Futa Store.

If the female owner cannot be contacted in the process of transferring the driving data, the data will be first submitted to the supervisory department, Zhengdong New District Market Supervision Bureau of Zhengzhou City.

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