Tesla has no plan to use Starlink service in mainland China

Asian Tech Press (Nov 18) -- Tesla China said that Tesla in mainland China uses the services provided by Chinese communication operators. There is no plan to use Starlink services in mainland China, and all business data are kept in mainland China.

According to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) regulations, relevant international treaties and national laws and regulations, relevant enterprises need to be approved by local regulatory authorities before using Starlink services.

The person in charge of Tesla China said that Tesla's production and operation in mainland China strictly abide by Chinese laws and regulations. All Model 3 and Model Y models produced and sold in China and charging piles come from Tesla China's Shanghai Giga Factory and are manufactured in accordance with China's relevant requirements and standards and approved by the relevant state departments. There will be no Starlink-related supporting equipment installed.

In addition to the level of laws and regulations, in the level of hardware conditions, because the Starlink service requires the installation of supporting receivers to use, and the receiver must be fixed in an open and roofless location, which means that Tesla in mainland China, whether vehicles or charging stations, etc., it is impossible to use the Starlink service.

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