Tesla faces customer protests at Shanghai Auto Show
The woman wearing white T-shirts with "Brake Failure"

(Asian Tech Press) Tesla has been hit by customer protests in China, one that just happens to coincide with the opening of the global A-class auto show.

On April 19 Beijing time , the 19th International Automobile Industry Exhibition is officially launched at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai), the world's first A-class auto show to be held as scheduled in 2021.

Two young women wearing white T-shirts with "Brake Failure" and the Tesla logo defended their rights in front of the Tesla booth. One of the women climbed onto the car and shouted: "Tesla brake failed."

In the video, the woman shouted: "Brake failure!"

She was then taken away from the scene by the site staff. From some photos and video, the woman was dragged away from the scene by two men. Some people at the scene shouted that Tesla was hitting someone.

After another woman suspected of being pregnant was taken away by the security guards, a large circle of police cordon was put around the Tesla booth, and more than 10 security guards were on the scene to maintain order. At about 11:45 am BJT, the cordon was removed and the Tesla booth was reopened.

A Chinese journalist said that he encountered Tesla staff grabbing phones and tearing clothes while interviewing at the site.

In response to the above incident, Tesla China announced that the owner who defended her rights had been involved in a collision due to a speeding violation and insisted on returning the car on the grounds of product quality. In the past two months, the company has been actively negotiating with the owner, expressing its willingness to assist in repairs and insurance claims. While the company proposed a variety of solutions, but the owner strongly refused and did not accept any form of third-party testing. Tesla said that it will continue to communicate closely to help owners resume their normal driving as soon as possible.

Tesla also claimed the protestor entered the exhibition hall through unauthorized means to obtain documents. After Tesla consulting with the show organizer, considering that the behavior seriously affected public order, Tesla and the organizer coordinated with public safety officers to persuade the protestor to leave.

At present, the Tesla owner defending rights has been taken to the police station, and the Shanghai police are investigating the woman.

Tesla Vice President Tao Lin responded that it is impossible for Tesla to compromise.

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