Tesla China sues owner over allegation of brake failure
Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay
Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Asian Tech Press -- Tesla China has formally sued an owner who alleged that his Model 3's brakes failed.

A Model 3 owner in Wenzhou, Zhejiang province, posted a message on China's Twitter-like platform Weibo on Wednesday, saying that he received the indictment from Tesla the day before yesterday.

In the Weibo post, the Tesla owner published an Event Data Recorder (EDR) report from the Wenzhou Automobile Engineering Society, and asked Weibo users to help him analyze the results of the report.

The owner had a car crash in August last year. His Model 3's brakes ailed, crashed through the railing of the toll booth, and ran into the parking lot, causing the accident.

The driver, Mr. Chen, was also seriously injured. It took more than seven hours of resuscitation and nearly 5,000 milliliters of blood to save his life.

Chen said that his Tesla Autopilot driver-assistance system was not turned on when the accident occurred. After the vehicle suddenly accelerated automatically, he was attempting emergency braking, but it did not work.

In May this year, the Wenzhou Automobile Engineering Society released the results of an investigation, and ruled that Chen had stepped on the wrong pedal and put the gas pedal as the brake.

Chen did not accept the result, and said he had not yet received an apology from Tesla. He also revealed that he was finally persuaded by his friends to admit that he had stepped on the gas pedal by mistake to cause the accident because of the claim.

Now, Tesla formally sued the Model 3 Towner, and the dispute between the two may continue.

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