Sources: Tesla asks for employee support to boost Q3 deliveries

Asian Tech Press (Sep 28) -- Tesla has asked for support from all employees in order to increase deliveries in the third quarter.

U.S. electric car maker Tesla Inc. typically speeds up deliveries in the last days of each quarter and year to boost quarterly deliveries. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has previously sent letters to employees to motivate them to speed up production and deliveries.

From the latest news, the automaker is also accelerating the delivery of electric cars in the last days of the third quarter.

Sources close to the matter said that Tesla has confirmed that they expect deliveries to be very high at the end of the third quarter, and have asked employees in an internal memo to provide additional support for deliveries.

According to the internal memo, Tesla is asking all employees to help with deliveries, including those who are not working on sales and deliveries.

As the Shanghai megafactory returns to normal production levels and sees a significant boost in production, analysts believe it will push Tesla to deliver 350,000-370,000 electric vehicles in the third quarter, which would surpass deliveries of 310,000 units in the first quarter of this year and set a new high for the company's quarterly deliveries.

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