Source: Apple plans to produce iPads in India

Asian Tech Press (Oct 24) -- Apple plans to make iPads in India, sources said.

Apple Inc. has continued to expand its production capacity outside of mainland China in recent years, with India becoming another important manufacturing base for it.

According to Taiwanese media reports, after the production of iPhone 14 in India, it is rumored that Apple will also produce AirPods in the Asian country.

The latest supply chain news indicates that the iPad will also be among the next round of products Apple plans to produce in India. As for whether to produce MacBook laptops in India, there has been no discussion yet.

Apple shipped about 58 million iPads last year, and the vast majority of the iPad supply chain is centered in mainland China.

Previously, market rumors said that Apple plans to move a small part of iPad production to Vietnam, with manufacturers including Foxconn and BYD.

Now it is rumored that Apple plans to put iPad production in India as well, indicating that the iPhone maker has resolved to expand its production capacity outside of mainland China and reduce its dependence on China.

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