Russia to withdraw from International Space Station after 2024

Asian Tech Press (July 27) -- Russia said it decided to withdraw from the International Space Station after 2024.

Russia will fulfill all its obligations to its foreign partners within the framework of cooperation on the International Space Station, but has decided to withdraw from it after 2024 while proceeding to build its own, newly-appointed head of the Roscosmos space agency Yuri Borisov said on Tuesday.

The U.s. State Department spokesman Ned Price said Tuesday that Russia's decision was "an unfortunate development" given the "valuable professional collaboration our space agencies have had over the years."

NASA, for its part, said Russia had failed to notify it under the terms of a government-to-government agreement.

The International Space Station(ISS), built in 1998, is an international cooperative project with the United States and Russia as the main partners and a total of 16 countries including Japan, Canada, European Space Agency members and Brazil, with a total investment of more than $100 billion.

The ISS was designed to be in service until 2015, but has been extended twice, to 2020 and 2024 respectively, and the equipment is currently aging badly.

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