Panasonic to speed up devt. of next-gen 4680 batteries due to robust demand from Tesla

Asian Tech Press (May 12) -- Japan's Panasonic Holdings Corp. will accelerate the development of next-generation 4680 batteries due to strong demand from Tesla.

Tesla has asked the company to speed up development of its next-generation 4680 battery, Panasonic's chief financial officer Hirokazu Umeda said Wednesday.

Outsiders have been expecting the Japanese company to announce plans to build a new battery plant in the United States.

In response, Hirokazu Umeda said, "We can't say more than what has been released, but we are getting many requests."

"We seeing continued strong demand from Tesla, for 2170 batteries, but also for faster development of the 4680," Umeda said on Wednesday.

Panasonic plans to produce the 4680 battery at its U.S. plant. Tesla CEO Elon Musk championed the battery technology as the key to unlocking $25,000 EVs.

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