Panasonic announces formal entry into "metaverse" with upcoming 3 VR products
(Image source: Shiftall Inc.)

Asian Tech Press (Jan 4) -- Osaka-based Panasonic Corp. announced its formal entry into metaverse, an online virtual reality space, and that its subsidiary will release three VR products as soon as spring.

A press release issued on Tuesday by Panasonic's subsidiary Shiftall Inc. said that the company will release three products for the metaverse from this spring in order to develop business opportunities and formally enter the metaverse business.

The three upcoming products include the ultra-lightweight VR headset "MeganeX", "Pebble Feel", a wearable body cooling and heating device, and a Bluetooth microphone "mutalk" that prevents sound from leaking into the surrounding area.

Shiftall said the three products were co-developed with its parent company Panasonic.

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