Nio accused of helping evidence tampering in case involving its autopilot system

Asian Tech Press -- Chinese EV manufacturer Nio Inc. (NYSE: NIO) has been accused of helping evidence tampering by relatives of the deceased involved in Nio's autopilot system, NOP system.

The case of the death of a ES8 owner has recently had a new change. The material presented by the relatives of the deceased shows that the case of Nio allegedly helping evidence tampering has been accepted by the Sanjiangkou Police Station of Putian Public Security Bureau in Fujian province.

The relatives of the deceased Nio ES8 owner had already reported the case to the public security authorities on August 17, claiming that Nio had allegedly helped destroy and falsify evidence, and it was accepted.

On August 18, the relatives provided relevant evidence, a video of Nio staff admitting private access to the accidental car and two audio recordings of Nio staff admitting personal access to the accidental car.

A few days earlier, the lawyer appointed by the relatives of the deceased to represent them in the case had publicly stated that the Nio technicians had privately touched the vehicle without the consent of the traffic police, and that the technicians had been summoned by the traffic police to make a statement.

On August 16, Nio responded that the technicians had gone to disconnect the power for the accidental car, and also stressed that Nio had not redacted any data, and no employee had been summoned by the police.

However, the response was not approved by the deceased's family and friends, who also suggested that, "The possibility of tampering with the vehicle could not be ruled out."

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