New Tesla Model S and Model X to hit China market amid rumors of local production
Tesla Model S.

Asian Tech Press (Oct 12) -- New Tesla Model S and Model X will soon come to the Chinese market along with rumors of local production.

A document from China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) showed on Tuesday that in addition to some new vehicles from Chinese brands such as Xpeng and BYD, Tesla's new Model S and Model X, have also secured approval for tax exemptions on vehicle purchases.

The above two new models, Tesla's most high-end production vehicles, will open for delivery outside the United States in November, and expected to make deliveries to Chinese customers within the year.

There have been recent rumors that Tesla supplier CATL received orders for longer batteries, which industry insiders judged based on size, just coincided with the wheelbase of the Model X. Accordingly, some analysis inferred that Tesla China may conduct the local production of Model X and Model S.

However, CATL and Tesla did not confirm the news.

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