MS, Amazon among other tech giants try to bring AI in agriculture in India
Image source: WBCSD

Asian Tech Press (SEP 17) -- According to media reports, tech giants including Amazon, Microsoft and Cisco are actively involved in the Indian agri-tech sector. The Indian government is actively working with these tech giants to try to introduce artificial intelligence in the field of agriculture in order to accelerate the country's agricultural reform.

The Indian government will reportedly provide the tech giant companies with agricultural statistics collected since 2014 and implant various types of information such as crop patterns, soil health, insurance, credit, and weather patterns into a database that will be analyzed through artificial intelligence and big data to derive information on yield peaks, water stress, soil degradation, etc.

These large technology companies will be able to provide technology solutions for the Indian government. P.K. Joshi, former director of South Asia at the International Food Policy Research Institute in Washington, D.C., stated that once the data is available, researchers can improve forecasts concerning the actual situation and make informed decisions to see which areas need policy intervention."

The unpaid, year-long pilot project with technology companies is already underway. So far, the Indian government has made public data available to more than 50 million farmers.

Microsoft has chosen 100 villages in India to deploy artificial intelligence, allowing machines to learn about agriculture and build platforms.

Amazon has begun providing real-time advice and information to farmers through mobile apps and offering cloud services to solution providers. Previously, the company developed a dedicated mobile app to provide real-time advice and information to local farmers.

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