Microsoft ramps up bets on Chinese games in race against Sony

Asian Tech Press (Oct 25) -- Microsoft is upping its bets on Chinese games in the race against Sony.

Microsoft is planning to increase its investment in Chinese game developers due to the success of Sony's partnership with Chinese game developer miHoYo on video game "Genshin Impact," sources said.

The source said that Microsoft has been working to form a special team to find quality games in the Chinese market, and that the company has also entered into cooperation with several game studios in China at this stage.

Previously, Microsoft had invested $2.5 million in a partnership with Snail Games-owned publisher and developer Studio Wildcard in exchange for "ARK: Survival Evolved" joining Xbox Game Pass platform, and $2.3 million for the sequel.

An executive from Recreate Games, the Shanghai-based developer of "Party Animals," has revealed that the company has reached an agreement with Microsoft, ensure that the video game will be exclusively available on the Xbox platform.

Meanwhile, Recreate Games CEO Zixiong Luo said that Microsoft's Xbox has approached several projects in China, which focus on game development for consoles and PCs.

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