JD.com to shut down e-commerce operations in Thailand and Indonesia

Asian Tech Press (Jan 30) -- Chinese e-commerce giant JD.com Inc announced Monday that it will shut down its e-commerce operations in Thailand and Indonesia by March.

According to the latest website announcements, JD.com's Thai e-commerce platform JD Central will cease operations as of March 3, 2023, while the company's Indonesian e-commerce arm JD.ID will cease all services on March 31.

In response, a spokesperson for JD.com said the company will continue to serve global markets, including Southeast Asia, through its supply chain infrastructure. After closing its e-commerce operations in Thailand and Indonesia, JD.com's business focus in Southeast Asia shifts to cross-border supply chain infrastructure.

In 2015 and 2018, JD.com launched e-commerce platforms JD Central and JD.ID in Indonesia and Thailand, respectively, with local companies. JD.ID is now one of the largest e-commerce platforms in Indonesia, offering a range of products from mom-and-pop products, smartphones and electronic devices to luxury goods to Indonesian customers.

The shutdown followed reports that JD.com plans to close its e-commerce operations in Indonesia and Thailand in the first quarter of 2023. Due to losses in the Indonesian and Thai markets, JD.com is looking for new investors to acquire the business.

JD.ID has already had two layoffs in 2022, taking place in May and December. Last December, the Indonesian arm laid off 200 employees, or 30% of its workforce.

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