JD.com has over 1,000 employees in line for separation

Asian Tech Press (Apr. 1) -- The layoffs at Chinese e-commerce giant JD.com Inc, which have lasted for two weeks, reportedly continue, with more than 1,000 employees waiting in line to leave.

A JD.com employee revealed on Thursday that a large number of laid-off employees were waiting to go through separation procedures at the Staff Service Center (SSC) in Building 1 of the company's headquarters that day, and one of his colleagues was already in line after more than 1,000 employees in the afternoon.

The above-mentioned person said that employees usually handle resignation procedures in the SSCs of the office building where they are located. At present, JD.com has many office buildings in use, such as Building 1, Building 2 and Building 4, so it is presumed that the number of departures on a single day is more than 1,000.

An employee who has worked in the company for 8 years said that the scale of layoffs is about 30% at headquarters of logistics unit JD Logistics.

Another laid-off JD Logistics employee said that the staff currently laid off belong to the professional type, and ordinary classes such as sorting and logistics employees are not involved.

An employee of healthcare unit JD Health said, "The layoffs in the pharmaceutical department are about 20%, and the layoffs in the Internet hospital, which is vigorously invested in research and development, may reach 60% to 70%."

In addition, the JD Retail V Business Group, which contains categories such as pets and books, was also recently disbanded due to structural adjustments, with layoffs at around 20%. In addition, 3C and other businesses are also in the process of layoffs.

JD.com's social e-commerce platform Jingxi is also faced with more layoffs. Records provided by an employee show that the layoff ratio of Jingxi's Guangdong district, Sichuan district and Jiangxi district is 100%.

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