Intel's Mobileye to support 2022 Winter Olympics bus operations

Asian Tech Press (Jan 24) -- Intel subsidiary Mobileye will provide travel safety and security technology for the Beijing Winter Olympics - with Mobileye 8 and Shield+4, designed for large urban vehicles, on more than 500 bus buses for athletes, technical officials, media and others.

According to the report, these artificial intelligence safety systems, which can issue warnings in real-time, use computer vision technology to take on the role of driving aid, continuously scanning the road ahead and alerting drivers to take action with real-time visual and audible alerts once a pedestrian or cyclist enters a danger zone. And with the improvement of drivers' driving habits, Mobileye 8 and Shield+4 will also contribute to urban energy saving and emission reduction and green and intelligent transportation travel. On the other hand, the slippery ice and snow roads between the operating areas of the Beijing Winter Olympics venues pose great challenges for drivers to maneuver.

In addition, Intel also provides technologies including AI data analysis, 360° VR technology platform, and VSS digital twin venue simulation system to serve the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.

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