Intel surpasses TSMC, Samsung on chip investment in Europe

Asian Tech Press (Mar. 17) -- Chip maker Intel Corp. on Tuesday announced its €80 billion chip investment plan in Europe, outpacing its Asian rivals TSMC and Samsung.

Intel said in a statement that the company plans to invest 33 billion euros ($36 billion) in Europe in the first phase, with the ultimate goal of creating a one-stop shop for local R&D, wafer manufacturing and packaging.

Intel has been competing fiercely with TSMC and Samsung in the semiconductor field. Compared to TSMC and Samsung, whose industrial layout in Europe is still in the planning stage, Intel is the fastest among the three giant, laying out chip business in Europe with the clearest blueprint for the industry.

According to Intel's planning, the investment in Europe will be used for semiconductor R&D and manufacturing, driving Europe's world-class semiconductor ecosystem, with related investments spanning Germany, Ireland, Italy and other places.

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