Huawei settles with employee over illegal access to company confidential data

Asian Tech Press (Apr. 12) -- Chinese telecom giant Huawei Technologies Co. reached a settlement with an employee who overstepped his authority to access company confidential data.

A Huawei employee surnamed Yi was transferred out of his post without cleaning up the ERP login information, using bugs to overstep his authority to view the price information of cable materials, disclosing the confidential data obtained to a third party for profit.

After the crime was found, Huawei issued a letter of understanding to settle with the employee, expressing understanding for his infringement of Huawei.

Eventually the employee was convicted of illegal access to computer information system data and sentenced to one year in prison.

The verdict was actually made as early as September last year, and was publicly released on February 16 this year on the China Judgement Online website, a unified public platform for the national courts' judgment document, and was recently exposed by Chinese media outlets.

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