Huawei kicks off sales of 5G-enabled Mate60 phones in China

Asian Tech Press (Aug 29) -- Chinese telecom giant Huawei on Tuesday announced that it has kicked off the sale of its 5G-enabled Mate60 phones.

Notably, the sales of the new phones mean that Huawei is formally returning to the 5G smartphone market after suffering a chip export ban from the U.S.

Huawei announced on Chinese social media platform Weibo on Tuesday that the "Mate60 Pro Pioneer Program" officially kicked off today.

The model is now available on Huawei's online store, and Huawei has authorized a number of stores to simultaneously launch pre-order sales of the Mate60 series.

As the first Huawei flagship model to go on sale before release, the launch of the Mate60 Pro has attracted huge market attention, especially for its 5G features.

According to an unconfirmed image on the Chinese social media platforms, the Mate60 series came with a 5G-enabled Kirin 9000 Super Soc, built by Chinese chipmaker SMIC.

In addition, Huawei Mate60 series still supports satellite call feature.

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