Google announced to use AMD server chips to provide cloud computing services

According to reports, AMD and Google Cloud jointly announced today that Google will provide cloud computing services based on AMD's latest data center chips, a move that will help AMD further capture more market share from Intel.

As three major cloud computing service providers, companies such as Google, Amazon, and Microsoft are among the largest buyers of data center chips. They build services on the chip and then rent out computing power to millions of customers.

Google said today that it will start providing cloud computing services based on AMD's Milan server chip, which was introduced by AMD in March this year. Google also said that customers such as Snap and Twitter are testing their cloud computing services based on AMD chips.

Intel has long been the dominant player in the data center chip market. But as its manufacturing business has stagnated over the years, Intel's chips have been a downer in some respects. For this reason, AMD is already eating into Intel's share.

In April this year, Intel released the "Ice Lake" chip, designed to compete with AMD's "Milan" chip. Intel also said that all major cloud providers will support the chip but did not say when Google began to provide cloud services based on the chip.

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