Former LDP secretary general wants TSMC to produce 10nm chips in Japan

Asian Tech Press (Dec 15) -- The former Japanese Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) secretary general said Wednesday that he wants Taiwanese foundry giant TSMC to produce 10-nm chips in Japan instead of the planned 20-nm chips.

Japan's Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said in a video address at the opening ceremony of SEMICON Japan 2021 today that in order to strengthen semiconductor manufacturing in Japan, the Japanese government and the private sector will jointly make an investment of more than 1.4 trillion yen (about $12.32 billion).

Akira Amari, former LDP secretary general, also spoke at the event, saying he hoped TSMC would produce 10nm chips in Japan instead of the proposed 20nm chips, bringing Japan closer to the forefront of chip manufacturing, which is the most lucrative area.

The House member also said Japan must advance its cooperation with TSMC and invest up to 10 trillion yen ($87.97 billion) over a decade to reclaim its position as a key player in chip manufacturing.

Amari is the initiator and president of the LDP's Alliance of Parliamentarians for the Promotion of the Semiconductor Strategy. And he said TSMC is crucial to achieving the Japanese government's goals.

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