Disney CEO denies Apple merger rumors

Asian Tech Press (Nov 29) -- Disney CEO Bob Iger, who returned to the company after a two-year retreat, denied rumors about a possible merger with Apple Inc.

The Walt Disney Co. this month abruptly fired former CEO Bob Chapek and reinstated Bob Iger, who led the company from 2005 to 2020. With the appointment, Disney wants the 71-year-old businessman to lead the company for two years while it searches for a new CEO.

Iger on Monday denied rumors that Apple would buy Disney at his first company-wide meeting after returning to the helm, saying any talk of an Apple takeover of the company was "“pure speculation".

The returning CEO previously served on Apple's board of directors for several years, but quit after the company began competing with Disney for original video content in 2019.

Iger, who led the acquisitions of Pixar, Marvel Entertainment, Lucasfilm Ltd. and 21st Century Fox during his last tenure as CEO, also noted that Disney won't be making any major acquisitions in the near future.

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