Chinese customer says she wants Tesla to apologize for false statements
The woman wearing white T-shirts with "Brake Failure" at the Shanghai Auto Show.

Asian Tech Press (Dec 22) -- A Chinese customer who defended her rights against Tesla at the Shanghai Auto Show revealed that her lawsuit against Tesla for reputation damage will be heard on Friday morning.

In April, the 32-year-old woman surnamed Zhang climbed onto the car and shouted at the Tesla booth, "Tesla brake failed." Then she was sentenced to five days of administrative detention by the Shanghai police.

The female customer sued Tesla Inc. and its global vice president Grace Tao Lin in early May, accusing them of publishing false statements without any evidence.

And according to the latest news, the case will be heard on the morning of Dec. 24.

Ms. Zhang said that since the case was filed in May, she and Tesla have gone through a long judicial mediation process and three pre-trial meetings without reaching a consensus, while the electric vehicle company has always been arrogant.

"I hope Tesla, as well as Ms. Tao Lin, will publicly apologize for the false statements and clarify the truth," Zhang said, and it is unclear whether Tao will attend the court hearing.

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