China's Foreign Ministry says India has not linked cyber activity in question to China

Asian Tech Press (Apr. 8) -- China's Foreign Ministry said on Friday that India has not linked the cyberattack campaign targeting its power sector to China.

At Friday's regular press conference, a journalist referred to a report issued by U.S. cybersecurity consulting firm Recorded Future Inc., which said that "hackers suspected of being linked to the Chinese government" had launched a cyber espionage campaign against India's power sector near the Ladakh regio in recent months and had passed on relevant information to the Indian government.

Some media reports said that India's Power Minister Raj Kumar Singh had confirmed that the country was under cyber attack.

The journalist asked what China had to say about the report.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said China has noted the reports and, according to the video of the media interview, Indian officials mainly emphasized that India will take measures to strengthen its own cyber security and did not link the relevant cyber activities to China, saying that the cyber threat could come from any country.

Zhao said, "We also note that the U.S. government and some cybersecurity companies have started deliberately spreading false information about Chinese hacking attacks, to which China has expressed its firm opposition."

"I believe the international community, especially China's neighboring countries, will open their own eyes and make their own judgments about the real intentions of the U.S.," Zhao said.

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