BYD ventures into Japan with 3 EV models
(Image source: BYD)

Asian Tech Press (July 22) -- Chinese aotomaker BYD Co. Ltd. (1211.HK) unveiled three electric vehicle models in Tokyo on Thursday, announcing its entry into the Japanese market.

The three EV models, the mid-size SUV ATTO 3, the hatchback compact car DOLPHIN and the sedan SEAL, debuted at BYD's Tokyo launch event in Japan on Thursday afternoon.

BYD established its Japanese subsidiary BYD Auto Japan Inc. on July 4, and plans to sell the three electric vehicles in Japan starting next January.

The company expected to start selling the ATTO 3 in January 2023, the DOLPHIN in mid-2023 and the SEAL in the second half of 2023.

BYD also plans to establish more than 100 distribution sites in Japan by the end of 2023, providing after-sales service through sales agents and establishing its own customer service system.

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