BYD chairman says China's lithium resources can meet demand for 300 mln cars to be electrified
Wang Chunafu, founder, chairman and CEO of BYD Company.

Asian Tech Press (Sep 23) -- China's lithium resources can meet the demand for 300 million vehicles to be fully electrified nationwide, said Wang Chuanfu, chairman of Chinese automaker BYD Co Ltd.

At the China NEV Development High-level Forum 2022 on Friday, BYD founder and chairman Wang Chuanfu proposed to stick to lithium ion battery technology as the right track for power batteries.

"The country has recently discovered a lot of lithium mines, just mined not so fast, but the market is growing rapidly and there is a supply crunch," Wang said, "China's lithium resources in general is enough to meet the needs of 300 million cars fully electrified nationwide."

At the same time, Wang said that that China's new energy vehicle industry should adhere to the "parallel development" of pure electric and hybrid technology routes in the future.

In this regard, Wang explained, "The switch to plug-in hybrid is mild and has less impact on the industry chain, which can ensure a smooth transition from gasoline to electric vehicles during the transformation process."

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