Baidu partners with Nvidia to build AI metaverse

Asian Tech Press (Dec 27) -- Chinese search engine giant Baidu Inc. has reached an agreement with U.S. chipmaker Nvidia Corp. to work together to build an AI metaverse, according to Chinese media on Sunday.

Raymond Teh, global vice president and head of the Asia Pacific region at Nvidia, was invited to deliver a keynote speech on "Nvidia Joins Hands with Baidu to Create an AI Metaverse" at 2021 Baidu Create, its annual AI developer conference on Monday.

And its first Chinese metaverse app Xirang will be open to all users today, and 2021 Baidu Create will also be held in Xirang, which is the first large conference held in a metaverse in China.

In November, Nvidia formally launched Omniverse, its virtual world simulation and collaboration platform for 3D workflows. Compared to games, social and other application layers, Nvidia is more inclined to the bottom layer of the metaverse hardware, constructing the base of the technology platform for virtual space.

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