Apple supplier Foxconn in talks to build electric cars for GM

Asian Tech Press (Jan 30) -- Foxconn, one of Apple's largest suppliers, is in talks with General Motors to OEM electric cars for it, sources said.

As the car chip shortage remained incomplete relief, the auto industry has rumored that General Motors approached the iPhone's largest assembler Foxconn, hoping to cooperate through the "chip for foundry" model, that is, Foxconn to help provide GM with sufficient car chips, while GM will let the Taiwan company OEM its electric cars.

In response to the rumors, Foxconn said on Sunday that it has no comment.

A Foxconn executive in charge of the company's North American electric vehicle business has previously revealed that Foxconn is in talks with the four traditional car manufacturers in the U.S., Japan, South Korea, Europe and other areas for OEM cooperation, estimating mass production of electric vehicles for them in the second half of 2023.

Market sources judged that the traditional U.S. car manufacturers Foxconn is approaching is General Motors.

Industry insiders analyzed that the Ohio plant that Foxconn had previously undertaken was GM's fuel car plant in the past, which at its peak could produce 600,000 cars a year and was one of the largest plants in North America for a single car model.

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