Apple, AMD, Nvidia vie for TSMC's AI chip orders

Asian Tech Press (Jan 30) -- Apple, AMD, and Nvidia are vying to place AI chip orders with TSMC, sources said.

Apple, AMD, Nvidia have been competing feverishly in the AI field, there are rumors that they have recently placed rush orders to TSMC, which will gradually output the relevant chips after April.

Industry insiders estimate that after the three major customers have placed rush orders for AI chips, TSMC's Q2 revenue decline might come down to about 3%.

Research firm Counterpoint predicted that AMD and Nvidia's new products will focus on 4/5nm production, and will launch CPU/GPU products using TSMC's 3nm process after the second half of 2023.

Due to the steady and rapid growth in demand, Counterpoint estimated that in 2023, about half of TSMC's 5nm capacity will fall to AMD and Nvidia, while Apple will take the other half.

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