Amazon plans to enter Japan prescription drug market next year

Asian Tech Press (Sep 5) -- Inc. plans to enter the prescription drug market in Japan next year, partnering with pharmacies to sell drugs online.

Amazon is considering entering Japan's prescription drug market, people familiar with the matter said Monday. This could be a turning point for brick-and-mortar pharmacies in Japan.

The U.S. e-commerce giant plans to partner with small and medium-sized pharmacies in Japan to create a platform for selling prescription drugs, the sources said.

Users can place an order online and then just sit at home and wait for delivery. Through the platform, patients can also receive online guidance on how to take drugs.

Amazon plans to launch the service next year, as electronic prescriptions will then be legal in Japan.

Naturally, Amazon will not operate its own pharmacy. Instead, it will invite small and medium-sized pharmacies to sell prescription drugs online, and provide delivery services.

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