A Tesla owner sues the woman denouncing brake failure in China

The woman who shouted "brake failure" at the Tesla booth at the Shanghai Auto Show has been sued in China. The person suing her is not Tesla, but a male owner of Tesla. The male owner is called Song Wenbin, a lawyer at Guangdong Guangxin Law Firm.

In the civil complaint, Song said that since the female owner accused Tesla of brake failure, more and more people have been misled to associate Tesla with brake failure, and thus made greetings, ridicule, mockery, and even personal attacks on other Tesla owners in good or bad faith.

Song claimed that he also drives a Tesla and that his car has not had any brake problems. But after the female owner's protests against Tesla, he was "passively involved in an anti-Tesla whirlpool of public opinion and constantly subjected to discrimination, ridicule, mockery, abuse and even personal attacks from society and people around him."

Song said that if there were indeed problems with the brake system of the female owner's Tesla, she could have taken a legal approach to publicize the problems.

However, at present, the woman did not provide the necessary evidence to prove that there were indeed quality problems with the braking system of her Tesla, Song added.

Song believes that, in the event that the traffic enforcement division determines that the driver of the woman's Tesla is responsible for the accident and does not find the fault of Tesla's brake system, the female owner still continues to denounce Tesla's brake failure and so on, "making false statements out of nothing, contrary to the facts, with the intention of creating a negative image of Tesla's brake failure."

In this regard, Song filed the following claims with the court:

1. To request that the braking system of the female owner's Tesla in question be identified for quality.

2. To order the female owner to stop denouncing Tesla's brake failure in all forms and eliminate the impact, apologize to him in writing, and publish an apology notice in nationwide media, etc.

3. To request that the female owner is ordered to pay him $89 (570 yuan) for moral injury.

The lawsuit circulated on the Internet and caused a lot of discussions. A number of netizens teased "Is not this a clickbait ?", ”His desire for fame is too crazy!“, and "Tesla vehicles are controversial, Song did not sue Tesla, instead of suing the car owner defending rights".

For this matter, the female owner and Tesla, have not yet made responses and related statements, ATP will keep an eye on it.

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