A Huawei store suspected of catching fire due to EV spontaneous burning

Asian Tech Press (June 14) -- A Huawei store has been suspected of catching fire due to spontaneous burning of an electric vehicle.

A Huawei store in Ordos, in north China's Inner Mongolia region, was blazing up and a car inside the store burning as well, according to a video circulating on Chinese social media platforms.

Originally tweeted by ATP_Asian Tech Press (@AsianTechPress) on 06/14/2022.

It can be seen from the video that due to the fire, the vehicle placed in the store was almost burnt down to the frame. The car is suspected to be AITO Wenjie M5, the first HarmonyOS-powered electric vehicle, which has indeed also been displayed and sold in Huawei's offline stores.

The AITO Wenjie M5 is the first vehicle from AITO, a premium brand developed by automaker Seres and Huawei, and the first to feature Huawei's latest HarmonyOS-powered Smart Cockpit.

At present, the Wenjie M5 has entered the sales channels of Huawei stores, covering Huawei Intelligent Life Halls, Huawei Authorized Experience Stores, AITO User Centers, AITO Authorized User Centers and so on.

AITO announced in early June that it in May delivered 5,006 units of its first production vehicle, the Wenjie M5, were delivered in May, bringing the total number of deliveries to 11,296 in 87 days since the commencement of deliveries on March 5 this year.

The local public security bureau issued a notice Tuesday, saying that two people rescued from the fire died from a failed resuscitation after being rushed to the hospital.

Huawei responded that it is still impossible to determine the cause of the fire, and the specific reason for the fire needs to wait for the results of the official investigation from the fire and other relevant departments.

Chinese electric car brand AITO said that after the fire, the company has first analyzed the background data of the vehicles in the store, showing that no abnormalities have been found in them.

It is not yet determined whether the fire was caused by spontaneous burning of an electric vehicle in the store or by other reasons. Relevant news is pending further official confirmation and announcement.

In April, a smoke incident also occurred in Huawei' showroom for AITO Wenjie M5, which was caused by a problem with the socket in the mall. In this regard, the person in charge of relevant business at carmaker Ceres said, "The incident occurred because the external power socket was not adapted and a short circuit happened, not related to the car."

Some industry insiders said that electric car fires often occur at night when charging, and the causes generally include aging wiring, battery short circuit, charger mismatch, overcharging, etc.

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