A Chinese NPC deputy proposes "complete elimination of mosquitoes"

Asian Tech Press (Sep 14) -- A Chinese National People's Congress deputy proposed "a complete eradication of mosquitoes", sparking a hot debate in the country.

China's National Health Commission (NHC) on Tuesday released its response to a proposal from a National People's Congress deputy on June 20, 2022, who proposed to carry out a comprehensive mosquito eradication campaign.

Humans regard mosquitoes as a very annoying disease vector, and China has been taking relevant control efforts to reduce the risk of vector-borne diseases.

However, assuming that humans have exterminated all mosquitoes, is it good?

Many scientists have said that if mosquitoes become extinct, then the consequences will be very serious. Because they are an important link in the food chain, many birds, amphibians, etc., rely on such food.

If humans were to exterminate all mosquitoes, the move would have a domino effect on the food chain. Many populations of animals that rely on mosquitoes for food will suffer a decline in numbers, so their extinction will lead to a decline in the numbers of these animals.

Ecosystems are intricate, and the collapse of one link can have serious ecological consequences. And humans, as a member of the ecosystem, may not be immune to it.

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